Basic Policy on Sustainability

Shifting the focus of management
from business models to people.
And to co-creation with society

Creating the potential for resource-saving hairdressing by nurturing the richness that comes from saving

We are offering a service that excludes shaving and shampooing that customers can do themselves and focuses on haircuts that customers cannot do themselves. This program has brought about two rich factors: giving customers the comfort of being able to use the freed-up time and allowing salon staff to work without worrying about getting rough hands from shampooing, coloring and other liquids.
Moreover, a business that does not use water is also effective in reducing the electricity consumed by hand dryers and water pumps, leading to a service that ends up giving the planet’s environment significant richness and realizes a sustainable society. Having as many people as possible sympathize and co-create with us, we will carry on our quest to find out what genuine richness is for customers, salon staff and the planet’s environment.

Four focus areas

We consider our group’s mission to be helping to solve issues with the environment and society centering on people, while naturally providing people with haircuts in a safe, secure and comfortable way. In the process of fulfilling our mission, we find it significant to comply with related laws and regulations, be aware of corporate social responsibility and take actions suitable for social ethics.


We respect our customers and all other stakeholders, as well as every employee of QB Group, and are
working to build a society in which everyone can feel secure, find fulfillment, and live comfortably.

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In order to hand down the rich Earth that we live on to the next generation, we will push forward with the initiative of fostering the value of hairdressing that leads to resource-saving, pivoting on water-saving, together with all citizens in society.

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 Through our network built up by opening and operating salons in Japan and overseas, we fulfill
our role as a part of the social infrastructure, thereby contributing to the development of local
communities by revitalizing regions and making their economies go around.

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In order to remain a company that is trusted by society, we comply with laws and compliance regulations,
and are committed to practicing ethical and transparent management.

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External evaluation

As a corporate group that promotes sustainability, we continually disclose evaluations from external organizations.

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