Established on December 26, 2017

We aim to become the most sought-after haircut chain in the world by providing uniform, reliable, and simple services that earn our customers' appreciation and by evolving into an organization that can befriend the world with a wonderful smile. For this purpose, we need to conduct information security management properly.
In order to protect information, which is an important asset of the Company, from unforeseen events such as leakage, falsification, or unavailability, we hereby declare that we have established and will implement the Basic Policy on Information Security.

  1. We will comply with laws, regulations and standards related to information security and information processing, and fulfill our contractual responsibilities.
  2. We will appoint a person responsible for managing information and information-related assets to clarify the responsibilities regarding information security.
  3. We will carry out risk assessment of assets, determine management measures for appropriately conducting risk management, establish procedures for such measures, and ensure that the procedures are complied with throughout the Company.
  4. We will regularly provide our employees with information security education and relevant awareness-raising education so that all of the employees associated with the Company's information assets can carry out their daily operations by keeping in mind the importance of security.
  5. In addition to establishing a reporting system in the event of an incident or accident related to information security, we will strive to minimize the damage when such an event occurs and prevent recurrence.
  6. In case of a violation relating to information security, we will respond to it in accordance with the disciplinary penalties prescribed in the Rules of Employment.
  7. We will make every effort for business continuity management so that we can deal with a business interruption caused by a disaster.
  8. We will continuously improve ISMS by regularly evaluating and reviewing the above initiatives.