The service focused on haircuts alone by excluding shaving and shampooing, which customers can do themselves.
Our service not only provides customers with comfort and helps our salon staff avoid having dry and rough hands but also leads to a better planet’s environment by saving electricity for pumping water, bringing about three rich factors. We seek what more people can sympathize with and create together, thereby aiming to realize a sustainable society.



QB Group has developed its brand centered around the "simplicity" that people need.
We are expanding our various businesses to develop the hairdressing industry
for the likes of busy businesspeople, foreigners, women and youngsters,
and those who find it difficult to going to salons.

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  • QBハウスの訪問理美容サービス

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Shifting the focus of management from business models to people.
And to co-creation with society

This is a sense of values that if we take away things that lead to excess and waste and concentrate on truly necessary quality, that effort will connect us to richness. Here comes the space and freedom from pressure, created by the benefits of energy-saving, labor-saving, time-saving and resource-saving which are based on this sense of values. This brings people and Earth genuine richness. We believe that it is our raison d’être to pursue that richness and keep on with the pursuit.